A new approach to recruitment in the design professions

The low cost, hassle free way to find the best candidates for jobs in design and architecture

Traditional recruiter's fee


  • + Unsolicited calls
  • + Unfair terms
  • + Risk of poaching

Tessellate's fee


  • + Membership benefits
  • + Reduced hassle
  • + No risk of poaching

When hiring a designer on a £50,000 salary

Lower cost

We charge a fixed 8% placement fee, which is around half the rate many traditional recruiters charge and considerably less than head-hunters who can charge up to 25%.

Top employers using Tessellate

Tessellate is already working with leading design firms to provide a better recruitment experience for design professionals. Cut out the costly middlemen and use the Tessellate platform to connect directly with great quality candidates.

Fair terms

No more awkward discussions over high fees and unfair terms. Unlike many traditional recruiters, Tessellate will offer you a free replacement if a candidate leaves within 6 months for any reason.

Minimise your HR workload

Our powerful algorithms do all the tedious filtering and matching for you, considerably reducing your HR overheads. Unlike traditional advertising methods, Tessellate helps you avoid receiving hundreds of applications from unsuitable candidates who do not match your requirements.

Access a global pool of talent

Don’t be limited by the smaller and more restricted pool of candidates offered by some traditional recruiters, who often rely on making unsolicited approaches to find people.

Joining Tessellate will give you access to a global community of designers, backed by our ethical no-poaching policy.

Enjoy exclusive member benefits

All our members receive 20% discount on employment law advice from our panel of leading UK lawyers, up to 20% discount on selected training courses, and access to our online best practice forum for employers in the design community.

Ethical no-poaching policy

Tessellate will never offer jobs to designers in an unsolicited way. Designers will have to actively confirm that they are looking for a new job before Tessellate will match them.

Nurture future talent

Help us promote diversity and improve access to the industry for the less advantaged. For every successful candidate we place we’ll pay £200 into our Tessellate Student Scholarship fund.

With your support to help grow Tessellate, we aim to award 20 student scholarships per year by 2021.

How does it work for members?

  • Join as a Tessellate member

    Join Tessellate and complete your employer profile.

  • List your job vacancies

    Follow our straightforward process to create your job vacancy, and let Tessellate's algorithm do all the tedious filtering and matching for you.

  • Invite matched candidates to apply

    Select the strongest matched candidates and invite them to submit their application for the position.

  • Review applicants and arrange interviews

    Review applicant's CV's, portfolios, and written references and invite them to interview.

  • Make a job offer

    Following successful interviews, offer the position to your preferred candidate.

  • Complete the hire and let us know

    Let us know once your job offer has been accepted and the candidate's start date.

Membership benefits

  • Discounted legal advice

    20% discount off legal advice on all employment law issues from our panel of leading UK lawyers.

  • Save on training

    Up to 20% discount on selected CPD and professional training courses from our panel of training providers.

  • HR & Legal updates

    Receive free, regular updates and guidance from our panel of leading employment lawyers.

  • Members' forum

    Share ideas, knowledge, and best practice with other like-minded Tessellate members.

  • Raise your profile

    Showcase your research projects, thought leadership, social initiatives and achievements to the rest of the Tessellate community by contributing articles to our digital publication - The Grid.

  • Support the next generation

    As a Tessellate member you will be contributing to the Tessellate Student Scholarship fund to support the next generation of designers.

The Grid

Catch up on the latest industry news, research, and foresight on our leading digital publication, The Grid.